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IEE- Motor Starting        Solutions

Our Principles M/s. ELTECH ENGINEERING is pioneer instarting solutions with Soft startersfor 3 phase AC motors, based on FCMA principle.

We are capable of handling starting of HV, MV

and LV Motors, rating up to 20MW.

Starting Solutions

We provide complete starting solutions to the customers with our manifestation form “Concept to Commissioning”

We offer starting solutions for:

1.Squirrel cage and Synchronous motors - SOFT STARTERS
2.Slip Ring Induction Motors starting and Continuous Run--Automatic Rotor resistance Starters (ARS) with dynamic buffer (DB)
3.Slip Ring Induction Motors starting only-Automatic Rotor resistance Starters (ARS)

Starting solutions includes following steps and we provide all the services:

• Understand the needs of customers
• Study about the network abilities
• Suggest our suitable starter in case of starting study.

Understand the needs of customers:

Everyone is excellent in their day to day activities and they try to achieve maximum level of excellence… But every customer may not be fully aware of the problem in minute area of the plant and that problem may affect in a large volume in the form million dollars money and time. Unfortunately most of the manufacturing plants will have limited Electrical Engineers and those engineers are engaged with day to day plant operations and maintenance activities, so they could not concentrate on each and every minor problem that may not influence the plant operation in short time , but they my aware it will case big problem in long term. We understand this from our experience and after getting motivation from many customers,to help and to create healthy environment, we started to help the industry in some critical areas as Starting of large motors.

We reach customer and we interact with customer with many questions, to understand :

• What is the problem facing by customer?
• Why the problem existence.
• What are the causes for the problem?
• What are alternatives causes and effects for the defined problem?

Study about the network.

Once customer understand that there is some problem and they are in need to know the detailed information, we are offering detailed network study and we provide complete system studies with suggested remedies.

• We do voltage drop analysis.
• We do motor starting studies.
• We de short circuit analysis.
• We also to the harmonic study.

Suggest our suitable starter in case of starting study.

Based on the results from above studies and customer suggestions we will propose our ELTEH ENGINEERING make FCMA soft starters with desired starting requirements.

We provide starting solutions for squirrel cage induction motor and synchronous motors with minimum starting current of 1.1 times of full load current on words…

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We provide starting solutions to slip ring induction motors , especially for sugar industry with ARSB starters which provides energy savings up to 8 to 9% as compared to the conventional GRR type.

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