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IEE - Erection, Testing and Commissioning

With the aim of offering single roof solutions we also have another dedicated wing of IEE to provide services to industry in the following areas mainly,

• Erection.
• Testing and Commissioning.
• Retro fitting jobs.

We are highly Experienced Engineers Who Have The Diversified Knowledge.

We can offer this services for any type of electrical services.

We do have the A1 grade electric contractor license from government of Andhra Pradesh, this is to facilitate the services in public sector companies.


We provide completion solutions of electro mechanical erection.

We do offer erection services for the New systems and also for the replacing existing system.

Electrical erection services we offer for in the following main areas:

• HT,LT switchgear panels.
• Battery ,battery charger and it’s DC distribution panels.
• Electrical Machines like transformers, Motors etc.
• Cable lying, routings and jointing.
• Relay protection panels and RTCC panels in case of transformers.
• Lighting fixtures for street light and building.
• Any other type of panels –we have no limitations.
• We have dedicated pump erecting team to provide mechanical erection solutions.

Testing and Commissioning :

We provide testing and commissioning services for all electrical equipment in all voltage levels and we have already executed couple of projectsin irrigation sector, power sectors. The testing we offer is for the panels and machines at site .Before commissioning of any electrical machinery it is advised to test after erecting the panel. This is to ensure that panel is still in healthy conditions and is ready to charge by power.

Testing and commissioning involves following activities :

• Checking of the correct mounting of the panels of machines on their concrete foundation.
• Checking of tightness for all type of joints –bus bar joints, connection joints etc.
• Ensuring functionality of the protection relays with the help of our Relay test kits by injecting all measurable and signals.
• Visual inspection of clearances B/N phase to phase and also between line to ground.
• Cross checking the actual panel connection with respect to the drawings.
• Checking withstanding capacity of insulations and also the clearances with the help of high potentials as per National and international standards.
• Checking the logic and sequences and also the tripping sequences.
• Energizing and running of the panels.
• And many other activities varies with type of panel.

We offer testing up to 400KV voltages levels and any sort of electrical panels. Commissioning assistance can be offered as separate services.

Our Strengths In Testing and Commissioning :

• Highly experienced commissioning testing team , with latest calibrated testing equipment’s.
• Ability to program any type of protection relay, which is mandatory for commissioning.
• Ability to understand the starting sequence and program logic, required because to ensure the starting is healthy.
• Experienced in testing and commissioning of pump house having motors up to 13MW.
• Experts in trouble shooting to achieve the required starting sequence and fault identifications.
• Experts in relay co-ordination.

Retro fitting Jobs:

As the time increases the life of the equipment’s may need regular up gradation with respect to up to date technology , in order to provide un interrupted services to the industry.

The life time of every industry is much higher than the equipment’s(Electro Mechanical), hence its necessary to keep enhancing the life by replacing with up to date technologies.

Also every industry may continuously looks for expansions and increasing productions ,this expansions sometimes may be more that what they forecasted while the plant design.. this may achieve by replacing some components with higher capacity instead of complete plant replacement.

To serve industry , we undertake Retro fitting jobs, especially in replacing old panels with new panels.
Replacing of exciting panels/systems with advanced technology.

Especially we are specialized and we seen now a days there are many request are coming to ReplaceAuto transformer starter/Electronic starterswith our FCMA starters.

Consultations And System Studies:

• We witness many times that in industry especially public sector water bodies having many pump houses(for Clear water and sewage water) which will be maintained by the operators who doesn’t have much knowledge on the system. Due to lake of knowledge many times the motors may operate with our proper protections and also without proper measurements seen.---------------------We provide services in assessments of such sites and also we give the solutions complete responsibility (we suggest the rectification and with client acceptance we do the rectifications with supply for replacing faulty components) basis.

• Also now day due to the stringent electricity board rules on MD consumptions and also there are lot of penalties for even short time exceeding of MD limits.Normally this may occur due to the starting of large motors with high startingcurrents ……………………… we provide the solutions such type of problem with detailed study and the calculations.

We do provide system studies (Study state and short circuit) and voltage drop analysis for continuous running conditions and starting conditions of large motors in industry.

• Selection of correct size for transformers and Generators especially with single motoroperation is quite engineering task.. Going for very high may leads in non-utilization of the rating and going low rating may result in overloading and may cause lot of problems…this is because the Motors consume heavy currents while starting …design should take care for both starting and running ……………………. We are experts and we provide the selection criteria calculation Generators and Transformer sizing meeting all IEC and IS regulations.

We also provide consultation for electro mechanical works .

We provide starting solutions for squirrel cage induction motor and synchronous motors with minimum starting current of 1.1 times of full load current on words…

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We provide starting solutions to slip ring induction motors , especially for sugar industry with ARSB starters which provides energy savings up to 8 to 9% as compared to the conventional GRR type.

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